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  1. You need a domain name. The best place to get your domain name is from Namecheap. I am not an affiliate with the company, I use their service and I have always been satisfied.

For coming up with the best domain name for your website, I have prepared this tutorial for you. Right-click on it and select Save As to save it on your device.

  1. You also need web hosting. With Namecheap, you can get hosting for $2.88 monthly which can host up to 3 websites.
  2. To get started with your domain name and web hosting purchase, click on this link: The process is very straight forward.
  3. When your domain name and hosting are in place, connect with us via email or WhatsApp and our support team will create a blog with all the automating features for you. The blog that will be created for you will be like the demo on or +234-8145892864

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