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Why Do I Say Business Is War?

Business is war

The truth is that business is war!

Business is battle, and the marketplace is a battlefield.

Why do I claim that business is a war?

Because it is.

A battle field is a place where there are two or more opposing teams meet, with the aim of overcoming each other.

That is what business is.

In war, you have to kill your enemies if you want to be victorious.

Well, as Seth Godin said, we are in the world of winner take all.

Two companies who are competing against themselves know that, both of them cannot win. One will be the market leader, while the other will suffer the harm.

That`s why business is a battle… battle for the market share.

In conclusion, the battle you are fighting as a business owner is not the battle of hatred.

It`s a battle of love.

Be the best. Own the cutting edge technology. Be ahead of the pack.

That is how to fight to win

You will Sell a Million.

I am Pope Bukola Odedeyi

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