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How To Increase Your Online Income x10 In Less Time And With Less Stress!

This is specifically for you if you are creating and selling products online, be it eBooks, MP3 Audios, Video Trainings, Online Courses, Books, etc.

(Please note: It is a long read. It is a complete seminar. Thanks).

Stop Using Analog Tools In Digital Era

I woke up this morning, and checking my mail, I saw several emails from Paystack notifying me of purchases from my website between the hours of 1:25am when I shut my system down to do a bit of meditation and also to catch some sleep and 5:43am I want to reply a Professor in South Africa I am working with.

Time has really changed. Automating my online business has helped me to move drastically from the point of having to run my business manually, to being able to earn online even when I am sleeping. This had drastically increased my ability to earn online by over 10x. I make money anytime. I make money from anywhere. I make money in the evening and midnights. I make money on weekends.

I have come to understand that the model that powers your business determines to a great extent the profitability of that business.

Unfortunately, a lot of online entrepreneurs in 2020s are using the 2006 model and yet they are expecting next-generation sales. No, it doesn’t happen like that!

Talking about those models, I remember the story of a young man who purchased a BMW 760 model alongside two of his friends. He got involved in an accident and had to change the engine. In order to cut costs, he decided to work a fairly used BMW 520 engine into his BMW 760.

Funny, right?

He soon discovered that whenever he had the course to be on the road at the same time with his friends, he could never catch up with them. He almost always uses more fuel but never gains the same speed.

He is using a BMW car with a 760 body but is running on a 520 engine.

Same with most online entrepreneurs, they are running their online businesses using an outdated model.

High expectation, low ‘realization’!

In the next few minutes, I want to show you how to increase your online income by 1000% in less time and with less stress!

  1. 2006 Model. Never Use This

I had my first online business in 2006, DomainNG. The business model, though very novel as at then, yet you as the business owner serves as the hub. The business revolves around you. If you are sleeping, the business is sleeping. If you are sick, the business is sick. If your line is not reachable, the business is on holiday.

With this model, I was able to create a regular monthly income of around N50,000 for myself from my online business.

This is how it runs:

  1. You run a classified advert in a business magazine or print flyers for promotion. Bank details and phone contact are included in the promotion pieces.
  2. People who desire your product pick the account details, physically go to the bank to make a payment, and get your bank deposit slip (as at then, you have no other option but to go to the bank).
  3. SMS is sent to you with the payment details including Name, Date, and Teller No
  4. You package the information on CD, as a Manual, etc, and mail it to the buyer.

The weakness of this Model:

  1. The process is not automated. Human presence, intervention, and interaction are needed at every point.
  2. Prospects have to go to the bank to make the payment, and that can only be done within office hours. That means sales should not be expected between 4 pm and 8 am (You can only expect sales in 8 out of 24 hours). When do most online sales come in? Not during office hours!
  3. SMS for payment confirmation. The network can be a bitch. You have to sort through SMS credit alerts or going to the bank for confirmation. This takes time, and clients are never patient.
  4. Getting products to customers takes time via mail, and there is this possibility of it missing in transit.

If you are using this model to power your business, I need you to know that out of every 10 sales you should be making, you will be losing approximately 9. Never use this model!

2. 2012 Model. Stop Using This

In 2012, I was running a marketing consultancy business, Super Brand Shop. As at that time, I upgraded the business model I was using a bit. It was the era of smartphones (I was using a Blackberry then), my phone was now the hub that powers the business model.

I was excited because just this little change pushed up my monthly income 100%.

Let me quickly show you how it runs …

  1. You make Facebook / WhatsApp post or run a Facebook Ad. You describe your product and include your name and account details.
  2. Those interested make a transfer using their bank’s USSD code, even with a ‘palasa’ phone, or their banking app.
  3. A Proof of Payment (PoP) is sent to you, mainly via WhatsApp.
  4. When payment is confirmed, you send a download link to your customer.

This is very much the model you are probably still using till now (:

This model is very porous, and a lot of big fishes will definitely slip through your hand.

Let me show you the weakness of this Model:

  1. The process is not automated. You are still needed at every point. The moment you are offline, sales stop coming in.
  2. If you are running a WhatsApp training, you only make sales anytime you want to run your training. Maybe once in a month! How can you become a millionaire with that?
  3. Also, customers have to close the app where they have seen your post to dial codes on the phone even before they can send money to you. They also have to go back to WhatsApp to send you messages. Many will want to even call you on phone before making payment. God bless you if your line is not reachable. Many will rather postpone this and never return to it.
  4. After making payment, they still have to screenshot and send you the proof via WhatsApp. If they do not have data for this, they might always suspend the whole process.
  5. They have to wait until you send the download link. This sometimes takes quite some time, coupled with the fact that customers are impatient.
  6. This sort of download link most time is not permanent (WhatsApp Groups, Online Drives, etc).
  7. Download links are easily shared with other people, thereby leading to loss of revenue.
  8. It is unfortunate that many people I meet online today are still running based on this model.
  9. In fact, I still see a lot of paid training, teaching people to build their businesses around this model. Kai.
  10. If you are running your online business on this model, you are like my friend who is powering his BMW 760 ride with a 520 engine. Attractive outside, but inefficient inside.
  11. With this model, you will definitely lose 6 out of every 10 sales you should have made.

3. 2020+ Model. Miss This. Miss Out.

This is the model I now use in and in selling my online courses. I borrowed myself this brain when I promoted a training using Facebook ad, and I was got over 100 sales in a single day and made a mess of it all because I was running on the 2012 model.

I couldn’t keep pace with the inflow. Talking of the number of people we had to communicate, confirm their payments, send product links to, etc. I made a big mess, I was so ashamed of myself.

Let me ask you this question: How will Udemy operate if the operation is based on the 2012 model and with over 10,000 sales per day?

Let me show you how this model will work for you.

In this model, the hub that powers your business is the ‘cloud’. So, you will need a blog – at the least. So, see how it works:

  1. You will create posts on your products. You can also run a Facebook ad.
  2. A link from your post or ad goes to the payment page that collects card details or automatically gives other payment details.
  3. They are immediately led to create a username and password to access their products.
  4. As soon as payment is made, two things happen:
    • The buyer is automatically sent an email confirming their purchase and giving them a link with which they can access the product anytime they desire.
    • They can also be redirected to a backend product page with a higher price. It can be an upgrade of the product they just purchase, or another product entirely.

There are lots of advantages you enjoy with this Model:

  1. This process is really automated: Prospects see your post or ad with a payment link. They click on the payment link and are taken to a payment page where they punch their card details. They are then taken to the download area where all products – eBooks, MP3, Videos, software, etc can be downloaded.
  2. They can always revisit the download page using their username and password. A copy of this is in their email.
  3. You can sell several products at the same time, and each person will only be able to access the products they paid for. They cannot pay for product A and have access to product B.
  4. Anybody can pay for your product anytime and have immediate access to the products, even in the middle of the night on a weekend.
  5. Make sales 24 / 7, wherever you are, even when you are offline or on holiday!

Amazing! Right?

The truth is other online business owners around you have started using this business model! With this model, you are sure to capture more than 9 out of every 10 sales you could be making.

Please, take note of the following information, it is very critical.

I want to show you the MINIMUM tools you need to automate your business

  1. A blog (this includes a Domain name, Hosting, and a lovely Blog design)
  2. Paystack account to help you get paid online, and it comes automatically into your bank account – this is free
  3. Lastly, you will need 3 plugins for:

a. Integrating payment platform with your blog – Free
b. Login & Shop Management, Creating usernames and password for your customers – Free
c. Allowing access just to products paid for, and keeping other products hidden from them – Paid

The truth is, when you speak with a website developer, you can have all these done in 24 – 72 hours!

This is what will make your online business worthwhile. No matter how much money you pump into Facebook or Google ads, if your business model is not tight, the result you expected might not come.

Are you ready to upgrade?

Then, I have this offer for you:

For just 12k, YOU can have a full-fledge professional blog that:

Displays your product 24/7,

Collects money,

Pays into your bank account.

It will also deliver the product to your customer automatically

And shows them other products to buy.

You make money even when sleeping or on holiday!

  1. I will show you where you can buy your domain name for less than N4,000
  2. I will show you where you can get a professional hosting in USA that will host 3 websites for N1,000 monthly
  3. I will then create a professional blog for you just like
  4. Your blog will have an online payment processor with which you receive your payments directly to your bank account.
  5. You will be able to display and sell your courses and digital products from your blog
  6. I will teach you how to operate and use this amazing business model profitably

This offer will only be for the first 25 people to make their payment.

I will literally help you to power up your online business and automate it.
With this Power Blog, you can:

  1. Post your articles,
  2. Sell your digital (eBooks, MP3 Audio, Video Trainings)
  3. Sell your Online Courses
  4. Sell your physical products like Printed Book, etc
  5. Power your mini importation business, etc

The scope is unlimited. Get on board now!

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I am Pope Bukola Odedeyi


Pope Bukola Odedeyi

Pope Bukola Odedeyi, CEO, believes that you too can make more money and sell more products online the quick and easy way, once you know the secrets! And now you can get these amazing secrets in an Audio Pack – but hurry and click here now before this offer disappears! Check it here:

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