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So You Also Want To Start An Online Business …!

Many have been asking me if they should start their online business based on their skill or experience alone. Let me quickly tell you about Felix.

Felix was a student of The Polytechnic Ibadan when I met him back then in 2004. He was having it fine all along, until his father died just as he was given Admission for his HND program.

He tried applying for a part-time job but found none that could suit his schedule. He also tried some other businesses and failed miserably. It was fast becoming a hopeless situation, until one day …

He just realized that people do compliment his nicely fitted native wares and kaftans. These dresses were actually made for him by a friend, Chris, whose shop was around Monatan in Ibadan. The guy is very, very good, and can create / sew unisex wares!

Felix discovered that though people were complaining about the economy, yet a lot were ready to spend their last to get good designs down for them. Students there – especially females – were spending obscene amount of money just to sew latest designs, many a time trying to be the first to start a new trend.

So, he visited Chris and struck a deal to be his official designer. Chris showed him on taking basic measurements for any designs, pricing, etc. And the journey to Happy Ever After started.

Felix launched his fashion design business. Promoted his services to the student’s community. He will take the order and payment plus expected date of delivery. Cargo drop it off in Chris’ shop, pay Chris for the sewing, and deliver the order to the client.

The last time I heard from Felix, he has moved his fashion design operations to a business suite opposite UI main gate, now married with 2 lovely kids.

What lesson can you pick from this story?

Go ahead and do likewise

I am Pope Bukola Odedeyi


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