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Pope Bukola Odedeyi
Lagos, Nigeria.
Dear friend,
Are you:
  • An Author, Teacher, or Coach?
  • Seminar Convener, Public Speaker Or Career Professional?
  • Religious leader or Skilled Professional?
  • Graphics, Web, 3D Designer, or are you into Writing & Proof Reading?
  • Audio/Video Editor, or are you into Voice Over, Podcasting, or an Instrument Expert
  • An Expert, Prof, or Guru in Any Area / Field?
Whatever your field or area of expertise, If you have the vision to turn your passion into a full time income, then you will want to keep reading.

Here Is My Story

Though I am a Chartered Supply Chain Manager; Professional Marketer; Public Speaker, among many other skills, my expenses just seems to always find a way to be ahead of my income.


I got into a little debt, and then it became large. At a point, my debt profile was close to N1 million. Many a time, I felt like just packing it up and ending it there. 
Some assignments came my way and I had to move from state to state. I eventually landed in Osun State in Nigeria.
In 2014, I met a young guy in Iree, Osun State called Steve. I taught him website design, and I also showed him some basic marketing stunts I have learnt from the feet of many marketing masters. His online business took a flight, and in few months, he announced to me he was relocating to Lagos.How come? 
What happened? I came from Lagos, and I know what it costs to live in Lagos! Then he showed me his result.
While I was selling my knowledge as eBooks and in other formats, he set up an online learning platform where people can pay him as low as N3,500 per month, each staying in school and paying him for 6 months. As at that time, he was having over 1,000 students in his “online school”!
My brain quickly crunched out the figures: N3,500 x 1,000 students. Holy Jeezzz. That’s 3.5M monthly!
I swallowed my pride and I asked him to show me what I needed to know. Now, the story is different. 
My first online course brought in close to N250,000 in a weekend. Since then, there had been no better yesterday.
I have used every platform possible to run my online course. I have gone back to study this model both academically and experientially. I know what works. I know what does not work.
I have gone beyond building a training course, and being there compulsorily in order to facilitate it. I have discovered how to host your training once, and people can come from any part of the world, at any time to pay for it without speaking with you. The only thing you hear is the sound of alerts on your phone.
All I have been doing is to package my skill, expertise, experiences, connections, etc into content that my target audience can use immediately, and get result. The results and testimonials have always been outstanding.
Why am I saying all these?
Whatever your background may be, if you’ve ever thought about turning your knowledge, your unique gifts and your passion into a profitable online course, then you’ve come to the right place!
You can create an online course just around anything and I’m about to teach you HOW.
I have received a lot of emails asking how a newbie can start his own online course. That is why I had to create a series of Guide Books that will take you step by step, to show you the way.

See 4 Amazing Benefits You Can Get By Running Online Courses

(These are what I have enjoyed)
See – there’s no doubt that you have valuable insight to share. Most people have more than enough resources on their shelf and computer that can settle their financial issues for life.


  1. Being a Course Author increases your perception as an AUTHORITY. With your Online Course, you can easily prove your credibility and expertise to your target market through creative use of your platform. 
  2. You can make residual income from your Online Course Platform by charging a monthly fee for your members to subscribe to your classes! You only have to set up your course once, and get paid for life!
  3. You can build a stronger following, rapport and reputation with your members and they will very likely choose to buy your other products and your recommendation over your competitors at least 80% of the time!
  4. I  can’t count now the number of Joint Venture Proposals and business opportunities flooding my mails. See, you now have the luxury of choosing who to work with because other marketers now value your influence and marketing power!


Online Course Money Vault Complete Pack (Version 2.0)

Online Course Money Vault is a strong room that contains 10 Fully Researched and Upgraded Guide Books, each focusing on different area on How To Start Your Online Course.
Check out the contents: 
Guide Book 1. Understanding the Basics of Online Course
Guide Book 2. Six Models of Member-Only Site
Guide Book 3. How to Find Your Profitable Course Idea
Guide Book 4. How to Identify Your Target Market
Guide Book 5. How to Create Contents for Your Online Course Without Sweat
Guide Book 6. How to Design Your Online Course Platform
Guide Book 7. How to Setup a Sales Funnel for Your Online Course
Guide Book 8. How to Get New Students for Your Course
Guide Book 9. Your Foolproof Traffic System
Guide Book 10. How to Increase the Value of Your Online Course
Originally, we sell each of these Guide Books for N1,000 apiece
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The reason for asking you to invest only N2,500 to get a value worth N25,000 is so that … you will have no excuse.
I know many people pass over opportunities like this in their lives because they say they don’t have money to invest. So, this time, I decided to do things differently.
I believe that I have made you an offer that is too good to be refused. And you are not the only one reading this right now. Thousands of others are. You can outsmart them and make yourself a success story.

But What If You Are Not Fully Satisfied With The Purchase?

I know that you will be fully satisfied with this product. Yet, this product is covered by our 30-day, money back, no-story guarantee policy. You are either fully satisfied, you’re your money is fully returned to you.
It is time to get your online course started, and let the journey to that automated income begin now.
Looking forward to meeting you in the Online Course Money Vault.
You Will Make A Million

Pope Bukola Odedeyi

African Foremost Online Course Expert
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