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One Bonus Sales Hack You Should Use Now

Sell Painkillers And Not Vitamins

Have you ever had an headache? Those naughty ones that, notwithstanding how much you try to hide it, will always bring drops of tears to your eyes.

Hold it!

At that very point in time, are painkillers a MUST HAVE or something you can do without?

I had this nagging headache sometime ago. It started early in the afternoon, so I arrived home and went straight to bed around 8pm hoping to get some relief. I woke up around 11pm. The ache now was something else.

Didn’t have any aspirin at home, and all shops were closed then.

Without thinking twice, I got up and went straight to Mummy Phoebe (a Senior Matron that lives about 2 minutes away). I banged on her door like a man pursued by bandits.

Long story avoided.

She asked me some questions, brought out the various brands of painkillers, and without much ado, I paid for the most expensive one, believing it will be the most effective.

I took a dose right there, then helped myself back home.

Here is the truth I seek to share:

Painkillers sell themselves, you need to sell vitamins

Why not position your product as the solution to a problem dealing your prospects with blows of excruciating pains?

Reveal to them the problems your products seek to solve. Remember that that singular product is not a one-stop solution to all mankind problems. Even if it were to be, you still have to focus on the most important challenges, and focus on them.

Present it as a MUST HAVE, not an optional thing. Let them see the danger in not getting it now.

It’s not about you, not your product. It’s about your prospects. Solve their problems, and they won’t keep their purse from you.

I am Pope Bukola Odedeyi


Pope Bukola Odedeyi

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