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There is no perfect product

May Your Product Never Be Perfect

I am not cursing you; I am wishing you what I wish myself every year beginning.

I, therefore, repeat, May your product never be perfect. May there be a deep sense of dissatisfaction in your heart with the product you rolled out yesterday!

If you are not so sure what you should say back, why not just say, “same to you?” I ask for no more.

Learn From The Wright Brothers
Wright Brothers Plane

When the Wright brothers took their first historic flight on December 17, 1903, they weren’t trying for perfection. They weren’t trying to fly from Jakarta to Johannesburg.

They weren’t trying to offer great cocktail service or wireless Internet or 100 channels of TV aboard their flying machine. They were not intent on competing with the fastest rail or bus.

They just wanted the darned thing to stay up in the air for a few seconds!              

And a few seconds – twelve, to be exact – was all they got. And they became famous for it.

Windows Has Never Been Perfect

The first operating system I worked on was MS-DOS (that black ugly-looking code-ful thing). If you know, you know. Then I moved to Windows 3.1.

Now, we have Windows 10. And it is being rumored that Windows 12 is coming out before the end of the year.

Now imagine if the Wright brothers had been concerned about the extras in their airplane – no, I don’t mean beverage service or comfy seats. But if they had wanted a crash-free landing, a three-hour (or three-minute!) flight, etc – they would probably have never gone out to that sand dune in Kitty Hawk in the first place. They’d still be in the workshop, tinkering with the wheels or wing flaps till tomorrow.       

Imagine if Bill Gates had not ventured to release Windows 3.1, maybe we might still be working on the black background of MS-DOS, using all those codes both to change directory and format disks.

Perfection Does Not Exist
Old car vs new
Old car vs new

What Bill Gates, as well as Orville and Wilbur, knew  – and what you would do well to take note of – is that perfection is over-rated. In fact, a perfect product does not exist. Every product should be built to have an upgrade by default. Allow your product to have Version 2.0

So, waiting until your product is “perfect” before you release it means you have a good chance of either never releasing it at all, or delaying so long that someone else beats you to the punch and scoops your market out from under you.

There is no perfect software, no perfect app, no perfect training, no perfect book. Cars are not perfect. If they were, maybe we will still be riding Volkswagen (Beettle) 1650

The perfect machine exists only in Thermodynamics textbook – and it does not exist.

The only being that is perfect is God. And thank God you are not God

Are you also hesitating to release a product that is less than perfect? Well, Microsoft – and pretty much every other software company – does it all the time! And if “good enough” is good enough for billionaire Bill Gates, it’s good enough for you.

Of course, there is a fine balance between releasing something that’s not ready and releasing something that’s valuable but a little rough around the edges.

The moment it is usable, and can deliver the needed result – even if it is a little over 50% of the desired vision, go ahead and release it. Don’t kill that dream, allow it to have version 2.0.

Therefore …

If, therefore, you are out in this New Year, to package that online course, write that eBook, launch that YouTube Channel, create that product, or to win any target you have set for yourself, and please accept my prayers and your elixir. May your product never be perfect!

I am Pope Bukola Odedeyi


Pope Bukola Odedeyi

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