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How to Setup a Sales Funnel for Your Online Course

Now before we go any further, let me quickly define a few terms so we start off on the same page:

Sales Funnel: This is your sales system where you bring people into your sales process so that you can contact them, close the sale, and then sell more products and more expensive products on the backend. Typically the sales funnel starts with something free, then moves to an entry-level product and then moves to products that are more expensive.

Pope Bukola Odedeyi

1. Establish Yourself As An Authority Using Free Information and Training

You’ll start by creating articles that you post on your blogs, pages, groups, etc. Your prospects will click on the link in your byline and land on your squeeze page…

What is operational platform you are starting from?

  • Your Blog
  • Your Website
  • Your Facebook page
  • Your Facebook Group
  • Your Facebook Profile
  • Your Telegram Group
  • Your WhatsApp Group
  • Your Instagram Page
  • Your YouTube Channel

Your first step is writing contents to pull in traffic to your existing platform. You do this by creating regular articles and posting these articles to your blog, website, Facebook page, WhatsApp groups, and other peoples platforms in line with what you have to offer.

Create a link from these free platforms offering more information, special report, free webinar, eCourse, etc thereby getting a large chunk of this traffic into your list.

Your free training can be on your Facebook, WhatsApp or Telegram Groups.

Your webinars can be held with Zoom or Facebook Live

2. OFFER a Low-Cost Product

Having signed up for your eCourse or any other free resource, you need to immediately offer them a low-cost product. This will offer a lot of benefits:

a. to ensure that your list subscribers are accustom to buying things online

b. to train them to buy things from you

c. to quickly cover your advertising costs, etc

3. ENCOURAGE Prospects to Subscribe for Your Online Course.

The next step of your sales funnel is to encourage your low-cost product customers to join your Online Course Platform. You’ll do this by including promotions for your Online Course Platform inside of your vault site as well as in follow-up messages you send to your eCourse subscribers.

Online Course Platform: This is a monthly payment website that offers members new content regularly, usually on a weekly basis, with links to the content delivered by your autoresponder.

Pope Bukola Odedeyi

Since you don’t have to manually update the membership download area on a weekly basis, this is a “set it and forget it” model. Members pay their membership fee, join your mailing list, and then automatically they’ll receive the first lesson (and one lesson each week thereafter).

Instead of paying one large up front fee, members pay a monthly membership fee. If they cancel their membership, they’ll stop receiving the weekly lessons or materials.

What makes this different from the regular monthly membership site is that “studentship” lasts for a specific amount of time (such as three months, six months, twelve months or some other specified length). When the customer reaches that specified time, he will no longer be billed and he won’t receive any more materials.

This is a 3-step Sales Funnel that you can implement right away to step up your game and to ensure you last in the game.

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