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How To Position Yourself As An Authority In your Field With Your Freebie

How do you position yourself as an authority in your field? Is it just by throwing a lot of free ebooks around? Even with a lot of those freebies you have put out there in the digital space, yet not making any sale.

There is something critical you are missing …

If you cannot actually sell your freebie, don’t give it. Trash it.

I clicked on a link to watch a “webinar“, and for 15 minutes all I could see was pure advertising for a product, how some people have made millions from it, etc. I was streaming this online, and I could not even skip the damn thing!

I had to close it altogether. Nonsense. I have marked that guy. I don’t have his time again. If I will burn my data, allow me to use it watch Mount Zion movies with Mama.

Let me tell you about Steve and his free book.

Steve wrote his first book, 13 Secrets School Did Not Teach You On How To Be Rich, and he was selling. He actually made some sales, but what really knocked him over was the testimonials he was receiving from the readers.

Massive feedbacks. Not from 1 person, not 10, not even 100. He had actually lost count on them. Massive!

He then took a crazy decision – the kind of decision only people pursued by their village witches will take – he decided to start giving it out free!


But before you can say Jack Robinson, half a million (500,000) people had downloaded the book!

And if you want to consider Nigerian factor and general human nature, you will agree with me that everyone that downloads a material will share it with approximately 3 to 4 people. So it means over 2 million people had read the book!

Based on the strength of this book, Steve had built at least 2 highly successful businesses plus an online university.

This is my counsel to you. If you cannot sell that book (or any other thing), don’t try to give it to anyone. It won’t help your business.

Your freebie is to establish you as an authority, a don, a Capone, an expert in that field. It should contain value. It should answer the questions in the heart of your target.

It should make them call you. It should establish trust even if they have never met you.

Many freebies out there are nothing more than a glorified sales page, always asking people to buy. You can make some sales actually, but the journey of that freebie end there. Such never go viral.

Don’t just share contents. Share high value contents.

Seek to impart, not just to impress.

Nobody follow morons, they just congregate where they can receive instructions that will move their destinies forward.

Not everyone will buy from you today, but the value you are giving must be so compelling that they can’t help coming back to you. When they now decide to buy, they buy big.

Avenues you can explore to establish your pre-eminence with freebies

1. Instead of just a free ebook, create a Blueprint, a guide, a manifesto, etc

2. Turn your Facebook page/profile, IG / Twitter handle into a melting point of ideas.

3. Establish a blog and share your best ideas on daily basis. Just 1 post on daily basis for 1 year will turn your blog to a focused Wikipedia in your niche.

4. Establish a YouTube channel. Target doing a 5 minute video 3 times a week.

Today, I am not talking to those who are promoting their products. No, not you.

I am talking to those who give out free eBooks, videos, webinars etc, and all that is contained in such is blanket advert for their products. That is a wrong way to do a right thing!

What you want to give is something they can hold unto for a long time.

Something they won’t mind to print out or move to a private folder of their device so they keep watching over and again.

I am someone that cannot allow value to pass me by. I freeze it. Then I take a photo-shoot with it.

Internet Business Manifesto by Rich Schefren (all volumes) are all in my library. Printed.

Blog Profits Blueprint by Yaro Starak (3 different editions) are all in my library. Printed.

Controversy Marketing by David Frey is still in my library after over 10 years. Printed.

Let me not talk of the very Master, Jay Abraham. He molded me like a Potter working on clay with his 50 Shades of Jay (ebooks, workbooks, audio, video, interview, seminars, etc).

Should I still talk of Brian Tracy, and a host of others?

My question to you is: does that freebie you are giving contain so much value that those who stumble on it will dare to preserve it for regular reference?

Let me know what you think about this.


Pope Bukola Odedeyi

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