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How To Launch Your Own Online Course (An Overview)

STEP 1: You Need To Know What You Are Into

  • Do you want an online class or online school?
  • Online Class can be held on WhatsApp, Facebook Group, Telegram or any other closed group. It is easy to setup and execute.
  • Online School is when all your content is online. The school has been programmed to run on its own. The school can attract a one-time payment or monthly payment. If it is monthly payment, the payment is automatically deducted from their account for the duration of the course.

STEP 2: Find YOUR Profitable Idea

  • You can quickly and easily develop your online courses that will have high value to subscribers
  • Your peculiar experiences, core expertise, honed skills and felt needs are major areas of breakthrough
  • Whatsoever you want to focus on, you want to be seen as an expert who knows what he is talking about, not a scammer.

STEP 3: Discover the desperately hungry underserved market you want to target.

  • Where is the pain? What do they want?
  • Where are they? How can we easily access them?
  • How many are they? Brian Tracy will always look into a market with the potential of buying at least 1 million books.
  • You can choose from any of these evergreen niches: Beauty, Dating& Relationship, Health & Fitness, Sex & Romance, among others

STEP 4: Build Your Content (The Easy Way)

  • Authors can turn their books into the course and make each chapter a lesson
  • Existing curriculum can be formatted for online use
  • Seminar materials of offline workshops and seminars are great
  • Your scrap books, personal notes, unpublished materials etc are golden
  • Any material you have (Text, Audio, Video, PowerPoint Slides, etc) can be repurposed for your course
  • There are over 4 other key ways to create your contents

STEP 5: Get Your School Online

  • Your idea + Your target market + Your Content
  • Setup your Online Class or Online School
  • Establish how you will collect money online
  • Debit Card, Bank Deposit, USSD Transfer, etc

STEP 6: Get Your First 1,000 Subscribers

  • If you don’t have one, now is the best time to build your tribe
  • Locate them. Attract them. Build great relationship with them
  • One way to attract them is by using a FREEBIE: Free Class, Free eBook, etc
  • Use Facebook Adverts. Very cheap, but very effective. You can start with less than N1000 ($3)

STEP 7: Get Your First N250,000 in Online Sales

  • Use the audience you’ve built in Step 6 to LAUNCH your paid course
  • Create urgency by limiting your initial class size or limiting its availability

That’s it for today. No long story.

You will Sell a Million

I am Pope Bukola Odedeyi


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  1. Remi Zuriels
    April 28, 2020

    Very insightful. Thanks.

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