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How To Get Your Customers To Spend More Money, Instantly!

Last week, I was with a friend as he went car shopping. We got a Toyota brand (2015 model) for N6 million. Immediately, a guy came from one of the offices, bearing with him a brochure and an iPad with videos to show him specific ways to take care of the car. At the end of the day, offered a comprehensive insurance for the car at around N200k per year.

My guy wanted to protest, but with a little nudge from me, he agreed to go for it.

We were about signing the papers when this insurance guy again suggested an advanced version that came with a Car Tracker.

At the end of the day, plus other things we paid for, my guy eventually wrote a cheque of N6.25M. He reasoned that N250k is so cheap to be neglected in securing and protecting his N6M investment.

This is called upsell.

And it’s not just used in the automobile industry; virtually all walks of business life offer an “upsell”.

I believe you must have heard of, “Would you like salad with your rice?”

You have been probably asked that question many, many times.

If there is a Mr. Biggs® or any other eatery anywhere near you, then you’ve been exposed to the concept that I am going to be talking about today. You ask for a plate of rice, and they respond, “Would you like salad with that?” And, just like that, they’ve increased their profit per sale when most people respond, “Sure”.

This is also called upsell.

  • Software programs have extra features,
  • Hotel rooms have extra comforts,
  • Printing papers have extra quality grades.
  • Video game players have extra accessories
  • Digital marketers have extra products
  • Fiverr sellers have additional services to push up prices from $5

Just to name a few.

There is an option to upgrade from products ranging from N1000 to millions of naira.

Creating an upsell is a powerful strategy to get your customers to spend more money with you.

If you’re currently selling something from a website, this one simple tactic alone can easily increase your profits.

Listen to me, as many as 40% of your customers will AUTOMATICALLY choose to buy your “upsell”. It’s nothing magic. All you have to do is implement an “Upsell Order Page” on all your sites.

When someone clicks on your order link, they are automatically redirected to an upsell page where you offer them the option of purchasing a “deluxe” version of your product for an additional fee.

What happens if you are selling using your WhatsApp? Easy …

Just ensure that immediately you are fulfilling the order – either when sending the download link or shipping the product – you are adding information about the other products you are selling, or sending them a link that will take them to the new product information page.

Most people will buy something extra if you can give them a reason to justify their purchase. All they want to be able to say is, “Here’s why I should buy this.”

Let me show you some things you can do to give them a legitimate reason to buy your “upsell”.

1. Value. There is an objection that many people raise mentally (and sometimes verbally) in reference to buying additional options and it is, “I don’t need it.” In order for you to get people to buy your “upsell”, you need to emphasize the value of your offer to the customer.

2. Appeal. Your “upsell” offer must be appealing – it must hint at some significant benefit to the customer in making the purchase. The key is found in the “potential results. What can the customer reasonably expect to gain from buying and using your upsell?

  • Will it save them money?
  • Will it make them money?
  • Will it save them time?
  • Will it make things easier?
  • Will it offer them more options?
  • Will it give them a different learning experience?
  • Will it provide them with special powers?

That’s what you want to focus on.

3. Exclusivity. Another objection that people pose when offered an “upsell” is “I can get it any WHERE.” That’s why “exclusivity” is so important.

4. Limited. Many people also think, “I can get it any TIME”. You may be the only one offering it, but the perception is they can always come back and buy it later if they choose to do so.

But what exactly can you offer as upsells?

  1. Reports. Special reports – anywhere from 5-20 pages in length
  2. Checklists. A simplified version of your overall offer in chronological steps. 101 ways to do something or Top 20 questions about whatever
  3. Worksheets. Worksheets are different from Checklists in that they are interactive
  4. Reprint Rights.
  5. Physical Version. This is one of the easiest ways to double your profit with virtually no investment.
  6. Software / Tool. Provide some kind of application that automates a process
  7. Templates and Plans.
  8. Personalized Assistance / Critique.
  9. Membership Sites.

So, go ahead and push up your income, just by asking your customers: “Would you like some salad with your rice?”


Pope Bukola Odedeyi

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