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How to Create an Outline For Your Online Course

How to Create an Outline For Your Online Course

Once you’ve validated your topic and you know that there’s demand, it’s time to create the actual course!

The idea is to develop your member so that every week, he or her is progressing and building on top of what they learned previously.

People would rather PAY for organized information so if you’re jumping around from topic to topic with disorganized content they’ll unsubscribe from you or even worse ask for a refund.

The Fundamental Truth

1. People buy online courses because they want to learn from an actual person with experience. Also because the information is put together in an easily digestible step by step system or format, and the course can produce a clear outcome that they desire

2. Your course should deliver your students to the main outcome or transformation in the simplest and quickest way possible.

3. Don’t be tempted to add in everything you know – it will probably make your course too long, jumbled and lacking in focus.

Now, let us create an outline for our online course in just four (4) steps

STEP 1: Gather your Course Content

Pick a plain sheet of paper. Label it Sheet 1

Dump on the sheet everything you want to teach your students, or everything the student must learn in order to master the subject matter.

Just write as the thought comes to your mind. Don’t evaluate, don’t arrange. Don’t delete. Just write everything down.

STEP 2: Structure Your Modules and Course Plan

This is the stage where you now take a look at all of your content and start grouping together your similar themes, tips, and ideas into modules and then ordering the lectures within those modules into the most progressive and logical manner so that they form a flowing sequence of lessons.

Pick another plain sheet of paper. Sheet 2

It is now time to arrange the list created on sheet 1 in the order that they should come during the training.

You are free to remove any topic that is not critical to the subject matter.

If for example, the course is on WordPress Website Designing, items on the list might include:

  1. Choosing and Registering a Domain name
  2. Choosing Hosting Services
  3. Installing and Understanding WordPress
  4. Installing and Customizing Theme (Free and Premium Theme)
  5. Understanding Plugins and installing plugins
  6. Create Post and Pages
  7. Settings

STEP 3: Create Action Steps

Pick another plain sheet of paper. Sheet 3

For each item on Sheet 2, create action steps

What are the steps to take to be able to complete that particular goal?

Use the least number of steps. Help your students get from point A to B as quickly as possible.

Use supplementary details sparingly

Use simple words and terms

Now, picking up on our WordPress Website Designing Course, the outline can now be:

1. Choosing and Registering a Domain name

  • Choosing the right domain name
  • Secret Recipe for choosing the right domain name
  • Check Domain Name and Social Media Name Availability
  • Domain Registration

2. Choosing Hosting Services

  • Choosing your hosting provider
  • Pointing your domain to the hosting provider

3. Installing and Understanding WordPress

  • Accessing Cpanel
  • Installing WordPress
  • Understanding WordPress Dashboard

4. Installing and Customizing Theme (Free and Premium Theme)

  • Installing theme
  • Setting Menu
  • Customizing Widgets
  • Installing Premium Theme
  • Installing Demo Content of Premium Theme

5. Understanding Plugins and installing plugins

  • Installing Plugin for SEO
  • Plugins for Contact Form, Social Sharing and Following, Speed and Security

6. Create Post and Pages

  • Creating Post and Basic On-Page Optimization for SEO
  • Create Page

7. Settings

  • Doing the basic settings of WordPress

STEP 4: Create Your Course Content

Just write on each point in a step by step format based on the information on Sheet 3. That’s all

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