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How To Accept Online Payments For Your Products and Services

This class will be made to be hands-on as possible. Since most of the tasks do not entail payment of any sort, you are encouraged to follow up by carrying out all outlined steps on your internet enabled device

COVID-19 has changed the world and the system of economy from what we used to know. Only those that make the smart move now will be able to lead the pack in the future we are being ushered in now.
Now, you should be set to accept payment on the go
Question: Can your business now accept payment via Debit Card, Bank Account Online Transfer, USSD, or Visa QR?
Online payments allow you as a business person to; Collect one-time and recurring payments from your app or website
Make instant transfers
Retrieve all your transaction and customer data
Verify the identity of customers
Today, you’ll learn how to integrate Paystack with your product.

Get Started

Creating a Paystack account Begin by following this link to provide us with your business name, email address, country, and a password for your account:

At this point, your account has been created. However, They will need more information about you and your business before you can start using it. You’ll be redirected to another page asking for detailed information, simply provide all that is required to complete your setup.

Once your setup is complete you’ll be redirected to your dashboard. Congratulations, you’ve just created your Paystack account!
After creating your account, you are able to start testing your integration and playing around with the product suite.

However, your account is still in Test Mode and you cannot receive real money. You will have to activate your account to take it Live and start collecting real money from your customers.

How to activate your Payment Platform

To be able to start accepting real payments with Paystack, you will have to activate your business.

Follow this link to activate your business:

On the Get Started tab on your Dashboard, click on the Start button under Activate Your Business and you should see a page that looks like the image below.

We’ll now look at these steps respectively.

Personal Information
Click on Continue next to Personal Information to provide us with a few details about yourself and your role at the organisation.

Business Information
Click on “Continue” next to Business information to fill in information about your business. You should see a page similar to the image below.

1. What does your business do: Provide a precise description of what your business is about and what your customers will be paying you for.

2. Business Email: Enter your organization’s general contact email address. Transaction notifications go to this email if they are turned on for your business.

3. Support Email: Enter your business’ support email address. Support requests from your customers will be forwarded to this email.

4. Chargeback Email: When banks dispute a charge, those alerts will be sent to this email address.

5. Phone Number of the Business: Enter the Phone number of your business/organization.

6. Physical Address of the Business: Where is the best physical location at which to find the key members of your team?

7. Business Logo: You can upload the logo of your business here which would display on your checkout page.

8. Website Link for the Business: Enter the link to your business’ website. If your primary website is on Facebook, Instagram, or another social network, don’t enter it here – you’ll be able to enter it in the subsequent sections.

9. Facebook: Enter the link to your business’ Facebook page.

10. Twitter: Enter the link to your business’ Twitter page.

11. Instagram: Enter the link to your business’ Instagram page.

12. LinkedIn: Enter the link to your business’ company LinkedIn page

13. YouTube: Enter the link to your business’ YouTube channel.

When you are done, click on the Save button to update your changes.

Verification of Documents

Click on Continue next to Verification Documents to provide information to verify your business.

What are the requirements for using Paystack as a Starter Business?

A government-issued form of identification
Bank Verification Number (BVN)
Personal bank account number

Settlement Account

Click on Continue next to Settlement Account to provide information on your payout account. For Starter Businesses, this account must be a personal account. You can refer to the image here

Truecaller Verification (Optional)

Verifying your information using Truecaller increases the total amount of money you can collect as a Paystack Starter Business.

To verify your phone number, click on Continue next to Truecaller Verification (Optional). You should see a page similar to the image here

You should get a notification on the Truecaller app on your mobile phone asking you to allow Paystack to access your Truecaller information. Click on accept or continue on your phone. After you have done this, click on the Refresh Now button on your Paystack Dashboard which should look like the image below. Once refreshed you would have completed this step.

How do I collect one-time payments with Payment Pages?

You can receive one-time payments from your customers using the Payment Pages feature on your Dashboard. 

One-time payments, as the name implies, refers to payments that are made to you only once as opposed to Subscription Payments which are made at regular intervals.

On your Dashboard, click on Payment Pages menu.

To the top right of this page, click on the ‘New Page’ button.

A pop-up would load asking you to choose between ‘One-time Payment’, ‘Subscription Payment’ and ‘Product Payment’.  Select ‘One-time Payment’.

A form will then appear for you to provide details on your Payment Page, simply complete these fields to your specifications and click ‘Create’.

Congratulations, by following these steps, you have been able to create a payment platform for your business.

How long will it take for your Starter Business to be activated?
If all the information you provide checks out, your business should be activated immediately

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