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How To Buy Your Domain Name And Hosting


Purchase your Web Hosting, and you’ll get a FREE Domain Name, and …

A fully installed online shop, online payment system, and blog set up for you at no cost to you.

You will be able to post your articles, YouTube videos, Audios, Pictures, etc.

You’ll be able to sell digital products (eBooks, Online Courses, Video Trainings, etc) and receive payments directly into your account.

You will have a personalized email address:

Not only that, I will include tools that will help your blog to be more visible on Google; load a lot faster, and handle more traffic. And also protect your site from attacks.

Interested? Go ahead to the next page and buy your web hosting …

How To Purchase Your Web Hosting / Domain Name

1. Click this link to initiate the process:

2. Click Get Started

3. Enter your desired domain name

It will automatically search for the availability. Your domain name will be registered FREE. If unavailable, input a new domain name

4. Select your hosting plan and payment cycle.

Hatchling Plan (Single Website), Baby Plan or Business Plan (both multiple websites)

  • Select 12 months and get 55% discount
  • Select 24 months and get 56% discount
  • Select 36 months and get 60% discount

5. Create your account by inputting your personal and payment details

6. Select or opt-out of additional services as you so desire.

7. Enter your coupon code: POPE

This MUST be written in CAPITALS for you to enjoy this discount!

8. Review your order. Accept the agreement. Click on Checkout Now.

If you purchase your hosting using the process above – and POPE as the Coupon Code, – send me an email and I will setup your ecommerce enabled blog.

Contact me via:

Or chat me up on WhatsApp (+234-8145892864)

I am Pope Bukola Odedeyi


Pope Bukola Odedeyi

Pope Bukola Odedeyi, CEO, believes that you too can make more money and sell more products online the quick and easy way, once you know the secrets! And now you can get these amazing secrets in an Audio Pack – but hurry and click here now before this offer disappears! Check it here:

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