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Day 3: How to Create a Great Title for Your Information Products by Pope Bukola Odedeyi

Welcome to Day 3 of our Pre-Course Rituals!

Learn this from the beginning:

The title of your product plays a huge role in the conversion of browsers into buyers. In other words, it’s important that your title be something more appealing than,

Pope’s Report on Creating Information Products“.

While there are numerous criteria that you might want to consider in choosing a title, I’ve narrowed it down to what I consider to be the three most important considerations.

3 Things To Consider in Creating a Title

As the cliché goes, it’s as “simple as A,B,C”…

  1. Does the title “Accurately represent”?

In other words, does your title mention “specifically” what’s included in the report?

Example #1: “How To Vacation” isn’t specific. “How to Plan a Vacation” is still too vague. “How to Plan a Vacation in 3 Easy Steps” is narrowing it down better.

Example #2: “Ways To Save Money At The Filling Station” isn’t nearly as specific as “21 Ways to Save Money At The Filling Station” or “The Top 7 Ways to Save Money At The Filling Station“.

2. Does the title “Build interest”? That is, is your product title “appealing“, even “enticing“? Your title should, in itself, begin to create a desire to purchase the report.

Example: “How to Plan a Vacation in 3 Easy Steps” isn’t nearly as appealing as “How to Plan a Fun-Filled, Budget- Friendly Vacation in 3 Easy Steps“. Of course, that title isn’t nearly as intriguing as “How to Take The Vacation Of Your Dreams Without Spending A Penny!

3. Does the title “Communicate benefits”? That is, when someone reads the title of your product, do they have a reasonable expectation of some desirable results they can achieve by purchasing, reading and applying your report?

Products that scream ULTIMATE BENEFIT are the most appealing, simply because we are emotional creatures. We want something that is going to deliver the desired results we are after. And if a product title communicates that is can deliver those results, we will definitely take a closer look.

Example: ”Earn Income Online” doesn’t offer nearly the benefit punch that “Get Online Profits Fast!” does. Note the difference: One says “income,” the other says “profits.” We want money we can spend. One says “Earn” and the other says “Get.” Earn seems like much more work than getting something. And one doesn’t promise when. The other says “Fast!” See the difference?

Today’s task: Brainstorm at least a dozen possible titles for your upcoming product.

Tomorrow you’ll discover my system for picking the right price point!

Kindly drop your feedback if you found value here. Let me also have your questions in the comment section.


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