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How to Pick the Right Price Point for Your Information Products by Pope Bukola Odedeyi

Day 4 of Our Pre-Course Rituals 🙂 Welcome back! In the last three days, you’ve learned about the fundamentals. Now let’s turn to a critical factor: Pricing. Read on… PRICING. Having created over 50 different information products, services, and other information-based materials, I can say with great certainty… I’m still no expert at pricing. Let […]

Day 3: How to Create a Great Title for Your Information Products by Pope Bukola Odedeyi

Welcome to Day 3 of our Pre-Course Rituals! Learn this from the beginning: The title of your product plays a huge role in the conversion of browsers into buyers. In other words, it’s important that your title be something more appealing than, “Pope’s Report on Creating Information Products“. While there are numerous criteria that you […]

Day 2 – How to Choose a Market for Your Information Products

Welcome back! So, we need to talk about choosing a “market” that you want to build your business around. A “market” is simply a broad, general topic such as “weight loss”, “home business” and “relationships” to name a few. You might look at it in terms of a “target audience”: The people who are interested […]

Day 1 Pre-Course Rituals for Information Product MasterClass by Pope Bukola Odedeyi

Welcome! Welcome to my Pre-Course Rituals for Information Product MasterClass! Let me be blunt: The ultimate information business is finding a target audience and then convincing them to make repeated purchases from you. Namely, instead of selling a customer a N5,000 ebook and then looking for the next customer, you’ll want to set up a […]