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7 Secret Ways To Drive Other People’s Traffic To Your Page and Blog

I recently moved out of town, but into a new and bigger apartment. Incidentally, my uncle lives like 15 minutes drive away from my new place.
Last Easter Monday, I received a call from him around 7pm asking why I didn’t show up at his home that day.
Show up? I was on the verge of irritation but still managed to keep my cool.
Why, sir? I asked. We never had any discussion to that effect.
Then he explained that he actually planned to give my children a special treat. Prepared our most cherished delicacy (iyan), and even got some freshly tapped palm wine for me. Yeepa! You see, I am unrepentantly from Ila Orangun, and you can kidnap me with this combo.
Even if you are busy with your prayer mountains, he continued, you could have allowed my children to enjoy the fact that they have a Big Daddy here.
He then asked if we were at home, then sent asked his son to drive down and drop at our “doormot” a hefty package of food, drinks (including a 1.5 liters bottle filled to the brim with palm wine).

But the situation got me thinking hard …
How could someone love me so much
And love my wife and kids so much
And inconvenienced his wife and family to prepare a banquet for us
Even get the local drink with which we celebrate kings.
But, he never told us about it.
He left the most important part.
He forgot to invite us to the banquet he prepared for us.

And I see several people with internet-based businesses falling into this same trap too. You create products. You have invested time and blood. But you are now not certain how to draw people to experience your expertise which will, in turn, persuade them to purchase your products.

If there’s one thing every “internet-preneur” wants, it’s more traffic. More people visiting their page and blog, ready and willing to make purchases. The good news is that you can produce it out of thin air.

If you want a lot of highly targeted traffic, one that will be disposed to buying your products, one of the easiest ways to get it is by “borrowing” it from other people.

Sound suspicious? It’s NOT.

And in fact, it’s perfectly ethical when you use one of those 7 methods. Take a look…

1. Participate in Facebook Groups

A great way to siphon off some of Facebook’s traffic for yourself is to join relevant Facebook Groups (which may be public or private). Many might not allow posting links. Not a problem, really.

Make regular and consistent posts in the area of your strength and expertise. Give out great tip and advises. When you make posts like this, also respond to comments, and answer questions.

In a moment of time, the members of that group will start seeing you as an authority in that field, and many will come to like and follow your page.

2. Guest Blogging

Write up a great article and attach a byline to the article which includes a link back to your site and a strong call to action. Then submit this article to other blogs in the niche. Take note that some bloggers require exclusive content, but that’s a small price to pay to land a spot on a popular blog.

2. Join Blog Discussions

First, find the most popular blogs in your niche. Next, keep an eye out for new posts, especially on popular topics. Then join the discussion, being sure to leave a link back to your site (where allowed).

3. Post on Forums

Create threads on popular forums like Nairaland. Give out great ideas. Create a juicy signature file with a link back to your site, and then start posting thoughtful contributions on the forum.

4. Comment on Facebook Pages

Still another way to drive traffic back to your site is to join discussions on popular Facebook Pages. If you make clever or useful comments and get a lot of “likes,” then your comment will appear to more people since its popular. That’s more exposure for your link.

5. Start Your Own Facebook Group

A great way to tap into Facebook’s massive traffic numbers is to start your own Facebook Group.

The mistake many make in this area is not including relevant keywords in the title of the group (like “seminar marketing” or “weight loss”). This will help Facebook users so that they can find it when they search for groups.

6. Offer Rights to a Product

You can create an eBook, software, audio, or video product, and then give other marketers the resell rights or even giveaway rights to it. They can make money and build their lists with this great product, while you get the advantage of the free traffic.

7. Give an Offline Talk

You can do a joint venture with a local business owner or other organization to give a free talk at a store or meeting. Be sure to point them to links for free articles and resources on your website.

Extra Tip: Do a Webinar

First, find someone popular and influential in your niche.

And then ask if you can interview them on a webinar or teleconference. The person being interviewed will tell their visitors, customers, and subscribers about the webinar, which drives traffic to your site.

Plus, you can give a copy of the webinar to your guest as a giveaway, which drives traffic for weeks, months, or even years to come.

Did you find value?

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