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4 Types Of Marketing Videos You Can Use To Boost Sales Right Now

4 Types of Video Marketing You Can Use Now

Still on Video Marketing, let me tell you about Emmanuella (the kid comedian). Emmanuella Samuel does not have a television station. She does not even have a paid segment on any station. Her proposals to be on air was turned down so many time, before the foray into the world of videos on the social media. Her videos have successfully turned her into an institution of her own.

Video marketing is the key to open the door in this age of increasing Gs on our mobile devices. But before you start recording a video you must define what type of video you want to create. Here are the options:

Expert interviews

One of the best ways to build trust and authority with your target audience is to interview internal experts or opinion leaders in your industry.

Educational or instructional videos

You can use this type of video to expose your audience to something they don’t know about or develop the essential knowledge to better understand your business and its solutions.

Videos of customer testimonials

Your customers want to assure that your product can solve their problems. And one of the best ways to verify this is through videos of customer testimonials that show satisfied and faithful customers.

Live videos

It offers its viewers a special and behind-the-scenes vision of their company; it also captures more extensive broadcasts and higher participation rates.

In subsequent posts, I will be showing you how to easily create your videos, and the platforms on which you can be sharing them.

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