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1 Hack That Will Give You $1000 Every 30 Days

There is an army of highly talented people, professionals, and people with a wealth of experience in one field or the other who have not been able to make a dime on the internet.

Your experience does not equal to income, but can birth it.

Your certifications do not equal to income, but can command it.

Your skills do not equal to income, but can deliver it in abundance.

Let me remind you that for you to make money, you must sell something. You need to “productivize” your skills and abilities. Turn your skills, knowledge, experience etc into products.

And secondly, that the sales you make is both a factor of value as well as numbers

Let me explain …

Without value, whoever buys from you once will never buy again, and might label you a scam.

Without the numbers, you can’t meet your targeted income as sales might be inconsistent.

Let me ask you:

How many people did you ask to buy your product yesterday?

How many people did you ask to buy your product day before yesterday?

How many people did you ask to buy your product last month combined?

If you did not tell people you are here, nobody will ask “where are you”!

So revisit that product that you have created – ebook, audio or video.

If you don’t have any yet, separate the next 45 minutes to create one. Check out my tutorial on How To Create Your Information Product.

Focus on solving a given problem faced by large number of people. No stories. Just the remedy to their malady. Pure meat, no fluff.

10 – 15 page ebook, or

30 minutes audio, or

30 minutes video (these can be broken down to 7 clips of 3 – 4 minutes each.)

If you think you can’t create a product, or you don’t have the time or talent, you can always get a product created by another person {You can connect with Ben @ Content Unusual (+234-8083081286) to book a slot}

The most important thing is for you to have VALUE PACKAGED AS A PRODUCT.

Put a price tag on it. Let’s say $7 or N3,500.

Now, talk to 1000 people on daily basis asking them to buy from you.

At 1% conversion, at least 10 people buys from you daily.

10 sales x N3500 = N35,000.

10 sales x $7 = $70.

In 30 days, that is N1M or $2100 every month!

Now, if as a starter, you didn’t make 1M, what about making 750k, or even N400k (approx. $1000)? Will that put some smiles on your face?

That is the trick. Remember I said that the money you make is both a function of VALUE and NUMBERS. This will make your sales both consistent and predictable.

But how do I get to reach 1000 people every day?

I will share some ideas on this in my next post That is part of what I will be teaching you in my Audio Product – From Zero To 350k. Check it out now here:


Pope Bukola Odedeyi

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